November 1, 2015 News No Comments

As you may be able to tell we have just updated our site! We are so excited to now offer you one place to check out all the Rattle Can Heroes (here) or commission your own custom Rattle Can Hero (here).

You can also order and pay for your Rattle Can Hero right on this site and we’ll get working on it right away. Payment is through PayPal which gives you a plethora (<– good word huh?) or options to pay.

Be sure to check back often as our collection of Fantasy Rattle Can Heroes is just getting started!

Also, you know how you have probably told your friends, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if they put these on t-shirts?” Well that day is coming very soon. Be sure to watch out for our Rattle Can Hero Apparel coming soon.

If you have any suggestions or questions you can reach out to us too (here).

Written by Rattle Can Heroes