Jonathan Ribera has been drawing since he can remember. The first thing he remembers drawing was a scene from Star Wars. Since that time he began a steady art diet of drawing characters from the Sunday Comics (back in the good ole days), comic books, and any movie that triggered his creativity.


Being raised in a military family in the 80’s,  Jonathan was also exposed to the emerging world of street art, murals, and spray paint. “I was fascinated by the ability of the graffiti artists to create quickly while focusing on maintaining their ‘voice’. You could immediately know who the artist was simply by their style, logos, lettering, etc.” He continually revisited the use of spray paint in his artwork throughout the next 20 years.


When a friend asked him to do some superhero pieces for a new comic book shop Ribera decided to create the heroes in a new style stepping away from the classic comic book medium of hard contrasting black lines. That was the birth of Rattle Can Heroes. The style has become Ribera’s voice in the comic book art world. Fans of the work have remarked how the paintings have the illusion of energy and movement and the fact that it’s done in an almost cubist style, cropped, and colorful allows people to hang it in their homes as fine art and show off their geek pride.


Jonathan in Porto, Portugal.